First Christmas

Ah well, Georgie had a fab time being spoilt by all those around him, uncles, aunties, friends and some Grandparents. Think I overdid it with his christmas outfits, too much choice, although his elf christmas jumper was a winner!

Poor Daddy was overworked and sick on the eve of Christmas and had to stay at home and rest. He regretted waking up with Georgie and I but soon made up for it driving over extra early to see our smiles.

Dinner was a slight disaster for the veggies at the table, as their pie wasn’t cooked, so Daddy and I felt alittle bad that our meat was just fine. Georgie sampled some roasties and parnips, will have to attempt the latter again soon.

Christmas is great for babies and children, Georgie loved the concept of opening and closing the pages of new board books and eating the wrapping paper. Out of all his new toys, George still prefers the nappy bags and wipes.

In the afternoon, we had  jam session, Georgie on the tamborine and I on the bells and uncle Danny singing, next year we will form our own band, just you wait and see.

We made a quick dash to see the other grandparents, uncles and aunts and sampling some deserts before returning back to Grandmas in time for Call the midwife.

Boxing day was more relaxing for us, despite being unable to pack all George’s things in the car and having to leave some presents behind. George hasn’t noticed yet.

Next year, think George will be on the ball, and we will have to wrap presents when he’s asleep.



Calamity strikes again

Its been awhile, phew George is ten months old today and how my maternity leave has flown by, all the changes for George, me and Lee as a new family.

Well, just as I thought George, was a slow developer compared to the other babes, he goes and surprises us, in one of the baby classes, where I see the poor other mums looking withered by their ones crawling EVERYWHERE. George had just got the hang of sitting up on his own, he rose his hand and begun to do the royal wave, admiring his hand at the same time. What an elegant wave he has too! Well that was a winner with the other mums.

Nothing prepares any parent for when their child is sick, we had a scare a couple of weekends ago when George began to grunt after each breath, and use all his might just to breathe. Despite our long wait, A & E staff were marvellous checking him out and admitting him.

Possibly the longest night of my life so far, the nurses had said I could stay in his room and sleep in bed provided, but its a little difficult to sleep when your child oxygen levels go low.

Anyhow 29 hours later he was discharged with a course of liquid antibiotics, that was a procedure and a half, to get your child to take that by syringe! To begin with, I had to perform a mini restraint on him and squeeze it in, in stages, thankfully, he knew the drill after food or between milk he had his medicine. George just opened his mouth and let me give him it.

Then today, wanted to do something special for him as it is his ten month birthday, had all these plans and what did I do? I slipped down the last lot of stairs at home, whacked my knee and bumped my head.George was just watching from his snug, slide downstairs and behind the sofa, he was in mid toast chew , but looked in shock when I managed to slide round the corner to see him.

OMG, it was awful today, my head was fine but my knee, I couldn’t walk, managed to slide, hobble and side crawl at times to assist George with feeding, changing and avoiding hazards! I got help but Daddy wasn’t coming for a while and then I was desperate for the loo!

Well, I got George in the sling, and then pulled myself up the stairs on my bottom, god the things you do when you need to, George thought it was hilarious when I became the bottom shufflely and was admiring his new sights.

Now I am dependent on Daddy, and he now has got my job for a few days, cleaning, washing, cooking, night duty, tea service and general dogsbody! Little George and I will wrap pressies and sample some sherry.

Merry Christmas to all you lovely folk, have a fab time with friends and family, enjoy the crack!


































My maternity leave has flown by, George has changed from a tiny baby into a bum shuffling adrenaline little monkey! He has developed so quickly from his first smile to a beautiful babbling and waving little boy. All his characteristics and personality are emerging, he knows what he shouldn’t play with i.e nappy bags, when I find him not amid his toys but at the most dangerous part of the living room – the fireplace.

All the thoughts of danger pass through my mind, when I can’t see him, we did have a near miss, when he rolled off the bed but luckily he was in a thick sleeping bag which must have softened his fall, but makes you feel like such a bad mum for leaving the room.

When I speak to other mums, they reassure me that it happens to them all, and from being overcautious initially with every new rash or bump, I can safely say I think Lee too, that we have overcome the worst.

My new life as a mum is an amazing adventure, the lifestyle of baby classes, cinema, and even the experience of soft play are fantastic. Developing my culinary skills by making Annabel’s dishes,  Taking the steak away from Daddy to make a delicious dish for G was amusing. Most of all, meeting other mums and listening to their stories on how they cope with their little ones, learning new things to try and feeling listened to about my worries and concerns.

The changes which occur in your relationship are massive, and such a learning curse for new parents. The difference of how fathers are with their babiescompared to their other halves, are a world apart. Dressing, activity, level of engagement, play, chatting all aids their development, but you can see how your little ones react differently to each parent.

George’s no fear policy is alittle discerning, he frequently dives out of his snug, head first into the carpet and then tells me in a loud scream that he has carpet burn on his nose. I noticed he was rocking on the wooden highchair in a restaurant the other day, by resting one foot on the leg of the table and pushing himself away. Thertefore my eyes are constantly on him, as my mind.

You can understand why  i am having problems letting him go into his own room now.




Karate kicks and screwdrivers

In preparation for Halloween, needed a few supplies plus some pumpkins as Grandads pumpkin decided to collapse and leak juice all over the fireplace and my sewing box. Great start to the mid morning.

Packed up George’s wheels with bare essentials and due to the weather being again indecisive, actually attached the weathersheild to buggy after putting wee George inside with Batman at his side for protection.

Made sure had all bags i needed, probably checked I locked the back door several times, no OCD there and then went to open the back gate ….. five minutes later, bloody latch was so bent up I couldn’t even open the gate. I did do a karate kick, for extra power and through frustration but to no avail.

I did initially think of then re-entering the house and attempting the front steps, but then my quick thinking came into play. I got my super mojo screwdriver kit out from the kitchen, worked out which screwdriver was appropiate and then became to unscrew the latch. I now have a latch half hanging off and a gate which will open both ways  and a quick escape route to the outside world!

Added to my handbag is a screwdriver, just in case I return and can’t get in.

Had a productive and fun day out with family and friends ending with a relaxing drink in the local pub with board games to entertain the kids for abit while us mums can chill for ten!


Never say never…

I should have learnt by now that you should never say certain words, being a nurse you know never to say ” how quiet it is” on a ward, or in the community as it is inevitable that it won’t be quiet for long! So last Thursday, what did I say to some friends/ other mums, that I can handle wee and poo but not too good with sick.

Last Friday, George began coughing after a feed and then proceeded to projectile vomit over me and this continued for several hours. What was even worse, I was then sick, intermittently, which was horrendous. I think George and I took it in turns at one point. Inbetween this, multi-tasking as usual, I managed to ring Daddy and get him home as it was impossible to care for G on my own.

How do single parents manage this? Bloody hell they are fantastic in my opinion.

All weekend, we have been trapped at home, as G continued to be sick every morning and give Daddy a nasty surprize when changing his nappy, spontantous diarrhoea, just when we thought he was getting better!

You have to laugh, remember though, be careful what you say as it will probably become true!

Juggling starts …

Yesterday was exhausting, it started not so bad, George and I had a lazy morning getting up around 10am, having breakfast in our pjs, then getting washed and dressed. George was looking super cool in his new tigger threads. I was preparing three bags for the afternoon’s events – changing bag with clothes, milk, bottles and food for Daddy. My rucksack for first evening at uni and Georges book and activity bag.

Left two prepared bags at home but ready when we returned, got a bus to Sing and sign class, which was ok but not mind-blowing even for little George. I think the after class activities are more enjoyable, meeting the other mums and chatting over a coffee. I had been invited and really wanted to go but had no time.

Whizzed back home, to feed George initially then realised had no time but needed to feed myself. Wolfed down two ham rolls and ate the rest of George’s finger food crisps as he wasn’t bothered.

I ended up leaving pushchair in the garden as it was so warm and I really couldn’t be bothered to fold it to unfold it in less than an hour. Tried to access uni timetable online and email lecturers as had no idea which time was correct on starting course.

All these decisions to make, it was too warm for a coat, but then I would finish uni at 8pm and it might be colder, so took my semi winter coat and was sweating on the way to town. Met Daddy in town and he took George for the next 3 hours given him a good education in the world of Game. We had no babysitter, so we learnt to juggle George between both our commitments.

Uni was great, it was wonderful to see old faces and refreshing to have interesting conversations with adults who asked about my expectations and role. Getting to the class was a maze and looked like an construction site but made it in and out. Realising the class actually finished at 8.30pm but knowing I needed to pick up George and give Lee a rest as he was juggling work and George. I managed to escape early.

I saw Lee had left his coat and one of George’s toys on the floor of the disabled lift which later I was told was broken (the lift) and wondered what had been going on, at which point I was too tired to care. I nodded at the right intervals when Lee informed me on what he had eaten and drank etc but was mindful that the bus was coming in 6 minutes and needed to get the pushchair down the steps.

Surprisingly the bus didn’t turn up and I had to get another one home but meant I had to walk part way home. Got home eventually at 9.20pm.

George was amazing, he was very quiet and observant on the bus, later dropping off despite the noise, and someone nearly sitting on him with their rucksack!

I got him to bed and then proceded to the fridge where there was a bottle of Prosecco and neck some for accomplishing the day!  Poor daddy didn’t finish work til 2am.

Just found out one of my mates could have babysat last night, always happens too late!

Seven months and one day

Nothing prepares a parent for when your child is sick, we have been luckier than others that G has not been ill until now. What a night, he didn’t sleep from 10pm until 1am and we had to resort in him sleeping on Daddy’s chest. I was fall of cold, G congested and finding it hard to breathe out of his nose. Tried Olbas oil on a tissue to no avail, constant screamimg whenever we tried to put our sleeping babe in the cot.

After giving him a feed, I thought I’d cracked it as he looked really sleepy, he sat up and then vomited milk all over me, the duvet and himself and started screaming again. It was impossible for Daddy and I to communicate to each other due to the heightened decibels, which later followed by cross words and raised tempers. I was too knackered and sick to argue, I just wanted sleep. G went to sleep on Daddy’s chest again after Mummy changed the entire bedding, G’s bedding and found an alternative to her Pjs, which was a destiny t-shirt, just been told its Gears of war, whatever and a pair of knickers.

The room stunk of sick so everything was thrown in the wash, this was around 3am probably. He slept for an hour and half until bad mummy carefully peeled him off Daddys wet chest and held him for abit as he motioned for milk. Gave him another feed, alittle winding and then placed him in the cot.

Screams like he’d been hit went through me, think Daddy might’ve woken up but then he erupted and began to vomit over himself uncontrollably on his back, reminding me of  the scene from Alien with the android Bishop bleeding ( this is from sleep deprivation).

Scary moment of my life I think, but together we stopped G from choking on his own vomit and saw an emergency GP this morning who reduced our anxieties saying this is just one of those bugs kids get! Really do not want another night like that, does experience make you stronger?