New year, new bra

Well, have shared ten months so far with my little pickle and experienced so many changes in my body, emotions, and relationships with all those close.

One of my acheivements was the success of breastfeeding.  Now I am weaning him slowly off and luckily not getting any of the awful infections which some of my friends have unfortunately experienced – mastitis or thrush.

My boobs have gone from a DD cup down four sizes, but it feels bloody good, trying on, and buying new attractive bras which are made for me and don’t have an alternative function.

It’s a new year, so of course a new me, back to work in two weeks, mixed feelings about this, thats when the real juggling begins. Although some days with George are exhausting and I wish I was at work, when I am with George, he amazes with his curiosity to all the little things we grown-ups take for granted.



Feeling accomplished…

After a week of what I call hell, where I couldn’t breastfeed George, due to me being prescribed antibiotics which has limited evidence on the side effects for baby.

I had experienced sheer pain from engorgement and having to express every two hours which meant I was housebound. Then we had to start formula feeding, which is a procedure in itself, sterilising bottles and teats, having the correct teat. We thought a fast teat would be fine for George, however, the milk just ran down his face, so had to use a slow teat which is all what we had at hand.

We were in limbo, between the world of breastfeeding well, expressing and formula and George wasn’t feeding every 3 hours, he was between 4-6 hours. If anyone does formula feed, instruction says to boil kettle 30 mins before feed, well this is difficult when you’re not sure on feeding time. Had to wake my partner for night feeds as my boobs were too painful to hold George and feed him on the bottle.

I used cabbage leaves to reduce the swelling and pain from the engorgement, but maybe I went over the top with this as I slept with them in bra and thus milk supply reduced. Only being able to express 3oz in total from both boobs. I felt our close relationship was coming to an end, so weighing up the pros and cons and stopped the antibiotics after 5 days.

Leaving the house yesterday with just George and I was fantastic, having your independance back  and freedom from a breastpump and the house is the best. We spent the afternoon at a sensory class and mixing with other mums. I also managed to make a few meals for George before bedtime and a batch of scones for my other half and I to enjoy.

Today, I felt accomplished, I was dreading this but I managed this own my own, taking Georgie for his second term of swimming lessons. He loved kicking his feet and chasing ducks. I didn’t drop him, I was able to get in and out of the pool with George in one arm and holding the bannister with the other. Even the changing procedure was ok, baby talc is a lifesaver and  the support and kindness of the other mums who were all in the same boat.

A wriggling six and half month baby is slightly harder than a younger baby, I was advised not to use the lift down changing table as it sloped downwards which isn’t what you need.

Going to try fenugreek capsules which I hear you can make a tea, and this increases your milk production, as it will take awhile for it to go up. In the meantime, George is eating for England, it took several bowls of weetabix, yoghurt, puree last night to get him to bed.



Behind the scenes

The pressures of weaning, having several discussion with other mums when to start? How often? When do you get the time to make it? Do you buy ready made? the list is endless.

Mums’ days are busy enough with their little ones daily schedules,  I know from my weeks, they are totally different due to illness, explosive nappies, last minute sickness and that is not counting whether mummy or daddy are sick too.

It creates alot of anxiety for mums on the issue of weaning, and health professionals out there, are not very reassuring!

Went to the baby clinic this week and to my surprise they were brillant, gave me tips on snacking in between meals for baby so he sleeps through the night. Great thats what everyone needs, last month they pissed me off by telling me to go to the doctor about my son’s skin. He has baby eczema, it was a hot day and when I undressed him, they went bananas. Luckily, I have a thick skin and held my own, understanding my son better than them.

Then this week, I was in sheer agony with a dry socket after having two wisdom teeth out last week. The dentist prescribed me two antibiotics which one meant I couldn’t breastfeed. OMG, last night was like going back to when George was 8 weeks old, he was screaming his head off through the night, nothing we tried would settle him.

Today and for the next week, he is now on formula feeds and I feel like a cow, being milked by hand pump every few hours. Will be asking Lee to bring home some cabbage leaves just to feel some relief! Can’t even have a drink, as not allowed to mix drugs with it.

Roll on Friday when I can get my life back!


Mad dash to the port

So this was our second holiday this year, this time it was abroad.

Looked at flights to Dublin and they were so expensive with the extras we needed such as car seat, pushchair, checked luggage and then car hire on top. Therefore we looked at our alternative which being the ferry. This proved cheaper, although alittle longer in the journey, we thought it would be hasslefree!

Well, Lee checked out the journey time to Holyhead from Leeds and gave us enough time in case of traffic. We bought a new Sat Nav which was fully updated and included Europe, car packed and ready to go.We even packed the intercom this time, and some food for little George.

So using a Sat nav is great, it tells you alternative routes, the time you should get there, speed cameras etc. Unfortunately for us, there were several traffic jams, crashes along the way which caused us to nearly rethink our ferry time.

We were supposed to get there an hour before the ferry departs, in our case it was 20 minutes before and prior to this there was a strong smell of poo in the car and George appeared very quiet. Checking him in the car seat, I noticed a pool of liquid poo coming out of the bottom part of his nappy on the right side. Due to having to work fast, I grabbed half a packet of wipes and tried to scoop, soak and contain the poo up as to not spread it around the back of the car. It worked, although still smelled and I noticed orange stains on part of the car seat.

Luckily for us Stena Line let us on, it looked like they were running late anyhow.

Due to not wanting to move little George until we found a facility, we just attached his car seat to the wheels and rolled on deck. Good piece of equipment – muslim square, fab for covering up poo messes, stains that you don’t want the public to see. After working out how to open the disabled toilet door, a mission in itself and then Lee decided he needed the loo, so off he went.

I proceeded to be ready with wipes, bag, and nappies for the task at hand. Full change was needed, he was wearing short dungerees, which was not the greatest idea when poo exploded down his leg. So I think we put joggers on him.

Then we both sighed with relief and Lee had a pint

20 weeks ..

This week has not been too bad,  I started weaning George as he is staring at us eat, reaching out for our food and constantly putting everything in his mouth.

Well it is hard to decide from the literature which is available on what to start him on, baby rice? banana? carrot? sweet potato?

The Annabel Karmels baby and toddler meal planner suggests you use a variety of veggies and fruit in the first week, whereas the Cow and Gate guide suggests veggie purees in the first week at lunch, followed by week fruit puree at breakfast after milk and  veggie puree for lunch.

Anyhow, I made some carrot puree, which appeared to go down a treat on monday, tuesday wasn’t that successful, wednesday, George tasted sweet potato a tiny spoonful, brocerli on thursday was no no,  friday he wasn’t keen and today he sampled carrot again which he spat out but enjoyed playing with. I introduced mashed banana which again didn’t get swallowed but George enjoyed playing around with it in his mouth before drooling over his bib.

In my mind, George is 5 months due to him being 20 weeks now, although officially he will be next friday. When I asked the doctor this week, he said they still state age in weeks. But this is very confusing in the long term, a conversation I have had with many mums recently.

When you are pregnant, you count your trimesters in weeks rather than months depending on baby development and scans etc, and then when your baby is born, you still count the weeks until when?

We all know that a month doesn’t always have 4 weeks in, and there are 52 weeks in a year. Sorry I’m rambling.

Back to weaning, although the Government now state you should start when your baby is 6 months, many moons ago it was 4 months. I feel if your baby is able to hold head steady, can sit in highchair or snug and are showing the other signs for food. Have a go, as long as there 17 weeks or over.

It is a slow process, weaning, all the new tastes and textures your baby is experiencing. George will probably be 6 months when he is actually eating a good portion.