Juggling starts …

Well, just as I thought this juggling lark is hard work! Thought work was going to be difficult, but wasn’t expecting to do Jury service, ¬†for a two whole weeks!

George and I never really established a morning routine until we had to, oh my quads, having to march up the steepest hill in the morning and walking half a mile in the rain at 8.30am is not my idea of fun. Then getting to nursery and getting told they are not letting him attend as there are too many babies who have infections. I had to be in court an hour later, but my lovely hubby -to be came to my rescue and told me to bring him to his work and he’ll take him for the day and sort out the next day’s childcare.

What a relief, don’t know what I would have done if Lee couldn’t take over!

Glad jury service is over, such a strange experience and some of the people you meet on the jury, very judgemental and nieve.

Pwoor, how do parents work 9-5 full time, with children, mega-hard, missed my little Georgie, glad to have days with just Georgie and I.

Now today, we are chilling and I’m educating George on some good tunes – Green day!



Rock and roll …

Rock festivals are coming back, I remember seeing all the greats at Leeds festival – Green Day, Axel Rose, Foo fighters, Queens of the stone age, Pixies and now it looks like Chillis are doing the rounds of the summer festivals this year and heading to Leeds next month. I was shocked to find out they have been going since 1983! They are still amazing, what an atmosphere they create. Wow it seems like a lifetime ago that I used to arrange my year around going to festivals, listening to great music live and drinking beer! It used to be a 4 day week, the build up and the finale. I remember buying a crate of beer to last me the duration.

Whoa all that has changed, did I grow up ? Steady nursing career in the same ward for the last six years, and I bought a house with my partner. Had a baby. That’s commitment!

Last festival was 2014 Bingley which was fantastic apart from the scary people that camped near us. Ooh and I got old, gone are the days I can step into a moshpit, or watch a gig standing up, I always look if there is seating!

Although I might make an exception for the Chillis, hopefully I can rekindle my youth, plastic pint of beer in one hand and get in that moshpit with Lee!