End of the holiday …

Well, it was my first shift this week and despite their efforts to make it a shadow shift, that went out of the window, I was in the numbers and straight on an eyesight observations with a troubled teen! The ward has changed so much in a year, no smoking policy, no drug cards all online and a fairly new team!

Also I had the joy of taking my sick Georgie to nursery prior to going to work and having a mini argument with the finance person in nursery due to me bringing George in his pushchair! It was freezing outside and she wanted me to leave pushchair outside and then bring George in.When I eventually got G out of his pramsuit, I saw a big notice on the baby window stating some baby has contracted Chickenpox and that it will be doing the rounds. Great, that evening after I returned from work, I discovered a very hot George and spots all over his legs and arms.

Doing my research, this wasn’t the usual for pox, as it usually starts on their face and chest. Daddy took him to the doctors day after for clarification and to be informed it is just a viral rash and a common cold although he may get chickenpox as well. Also I discovered that Lee and I may get shingles if thats the case.

Rest of the week has been crazy, George had established crawling last week and now is EVERYWHERE, he follows me and has worked out how to open the stairgate through to the kitchen. However, he just sits at the gate and swings it so lucklier its not that bad.

I am now in the search of types of containment for each room, especially the bathroom so I can get a shower and not ran out and grab him before he crawls out of the door.


Mad dash to the port

So this was our second holiday this year, this time it was abroad.

Looked at flights to Dublin and they were so expensive with the extras we needed such as car seat, pushchair, checked luggage and then car hire on top. Therefore we looked at our alternative which being the ferry. This proved cheaper, although alittle longer in the journey, we thought it would be hasslefree!

Well, Lee checked out the journey time to Holyhead from Leeds and gave us enough time in case of traffic. We bought a new Sat Nav which was fully updated and included Europe, car packed and ready to go.We even packed the intercom this time, and some food for little George.

So using a Sat nav is great, it tells you alternative routes, the time you should get there, speed cameras etc. Unfortunately for us, there were several traffic jams, crashes along the way which caused us to nearly rethink our ferry time.

We were supposed to get there an hour before the ferry departs, in our case it was 20 minutes before and prior to this there was a strong smell of poo in the car and George appeared very quiet. Checking him in the car seat, I noticed a pool of liquid poo coming out of the bottom part of his nappy on the right side. Due to having to work fast, I grabbed half a packet of wipes and tried to scoop, soak and contain the poo up as to not spread it around the back of the car. It worked, although still smelled and I noticed orange stains on part of the car seat.

Luckily for us Stena Line let us on, it looked like they were running late anyhow.

Due to not wanting to move little George until we found a facility, we just attached his car seat to the wheels and rolled on deck. Good piece of equipment – muslim square, fab for covering up poo messes, stains that you don’t want the public to see. After working out how to open the disabled toilet door, a mission in itself and then Lee decided he needed the loo, so off he went.

I proceeded to be ready with wipes, bag, and nappies for the task at hand. Full change was needed, he was wearing short dungerees, which was not the greatest idea when poo exploded down his leg. So I think we put joggers on him.

Then we both sighed with relief and Lee had a pint

Constant eyes and creative minds …

Us mums have to be so creative in all our activities, food prep, and games with our little ones, the list is endless. And to think having more than one child you need to have various activites for all the specific ages and abilities.

Mums appear to have the least praise for their constant hard work and they achieve so much. I look back on my childhood and think my mum is my hero, she was amazing having three children all under five and managing to get us all washed, dressed and fed must have been a crazy affair. Let alone leaving the house, transportation then was in the form a silvercross pram with my twin sisters and I’m guessing I just hung off one of the wheels or side. No buggy boards in 1982!

No wonder my mum, years later became a youth worker from all that experience of raising us, the job would’ve been so easy with older children.

Gone are the days when I feel guilty about forgeting George’s blanket, weathersheid or toy, I just improvise using my hoodie for warmth, keys for distraction and if you have an umbrella bet you could use that (as my mum suggested).

The weathershield is one of my bug bears, we were never initially shown in the shop how to put it on, and it is usually put on in a rush. Therefore I try and clip the elastic bits to the legs but it usually looks wongy. George doesn’t mind though he thinks its another toy.

One day last week, it was a bad day and we didn’t manage to leave the house until 4pm, I had to leave the house for my sanity and due to the beautiful hot weather and thought we’d head to the local park. I left the changing bag at home as the park was only down the road and he had been changed recently. It was great to just go out with the buggy and not all the luggage that goes with him usually. George decided to have a paddy when I was getting ready but I kept going and when I got him in the pushchair he soon settled and fell asleep as I marched down the hill.

I noticed myself talking to him when he’s in the pushchair, sometimes hes fast asleep but other people don’t know that and anyway I reckon its all good for his development and my mental health. As BT used to say, its good to talk!

We did have a close call, having a little lie down in the park under the trees together, I then thought he’d like alittle tummy time. Oh dear, I didn’t realise we were sitting on a hill, and poor little George began rolling, luckily I grabbed him before it ended up in the shrubs.

Will not make that mistake again!



Open your eyes

Am I invisible? As a new mother and frequent user of public transport, I am feeling like I am invisible. When about to reverse George’s wheels off the bus today, an old woman pushed past me not saying a word, I was livid and in shock.

Then on another bus, again when alighting the bus, two young girls just got on bus and were paying not even looking if anyone was getting off.  I politely said excuse me, they did not get off the bus, they simply slid to the side which wasn’t enough room for a pushchair so I indicated to one girl that she needed to leave the bus.

What is wrong with people? Also the bus driver? Now if I was a wheelchair user, this would be a different story. Have seen the stickers highlighting and raising awareness of people making room for wheelchairs but not people with pushchairs!

Kindness …

Today was the hottest day so far of the year, so naturally all the Brit’s were looking very summery. I prepared myself and George for the day ahead, wearing appropriate clothes. Took two hats for George and ended up buying him a flat cap in town later.

I have given up wearing two tops in order to nurse George in an inconspicuous way, it is too hot to do this, so I chose a comfortable but summery top to wear. Layered on the sun cream everywhere on George and I and ventured out.

Now I have sampled driving, I hate buses, in hot weather they are slow and never seem to come on time. As the weather was beautiful this morning, I walked the scenic route down to Kirkstall, sweating in the heat I treated myself to Raspberry cooler which is a sophisticated slush puppy. I then cheated and waited for a bus to Headingley as I couldn’t make the hill in the sun.

As I got the bus, there appeared to be a lady with her pushchair taking over two spaces, and wouldn’t move so I politely asked her to. On alighting, there was an amazing strong lady in her eighties who wouldn’t budge until the driver lowered the suspension so that she could get off. The driver did not lower it fully although stated it was as low as can be, so the lady said she would complain.

When I tried to manoevue towards the exit, a lovely man came out of nowhere and offered to help me as there was a prominent gap, I let him help me  and following me I think he helped some other people. The lady in her eighties advised me to always tell the driver “to lower the suspension”, which I can’t wait to say..

It is frustrating though, that driver’s do not do this automatically when they see a pushchair as they do this for a wheelchair all the time.

Bring back more heroes who help others especially on buses, the ones out there are marvellous!






Do you know what the title means? Bring your own baby, although you could be a nanny and bring one of the babies under 12 months.

Well I’m discovering all these fantastic places to take baby George, the cinema in Leeds is fab, you get a sofa for you and baby, service with a smile. Within the £11 ticket price, you can order a hot drink and choose from the selection of cake.

Now most mums enjoy a good piece of cake and the choice this week was a Brownie, slab of carrot cake, toblerone cheesecake and something else. Depending on the night before and how much sleep you get, a good coffee is what you need to perk you up and aid your concentration on the film.

This week it was The Legend of Tarzan, and you needed your full senses on Tarzan who was very scumptious indeed. Possibly due to the film, the cinema was packed with pushchairs parked under the screen and in both aisles. I’ve never known it to be so packed, and with the “animal noises from the jungle”, I feel it, relaxed most of the babies, as I didn’t hear any screaming. Most of the babies including George were babbling their own language, then dropped off asleep.

I enjoyed tucking into my carrot cake and latte, also it was great to share this experience with a lovely group of ladies which I met in my NCT class.

Hopefully we can make it to see Ghostbusters next week although we will see what monday night brings. The showing is at 10am, bit early for George and I, we prefer our activities alittle later than this.

Power of words

What to say, got an email last night which was quite scary about my pushchair which needed to be recalled for repair. Although the email stated that all customers should arrange collections or return to the store immediately for a quality check. They worded it as a minor fault – the problem was a loose catch which could result in the seat flipping backwards whilst your child is in it.

Naturally we was worried and I initially didn’t want to put George in it until it was fixed. But I had no choice as I had a hospital appointment this morning and now that he’s weighing over a stone now.  I didn’t think I could carry him in a sling, with changing bag and handbag. Other than feeling like a donkey, I needed to bring the pushchair to the store.

Due to most of my NCT group having bought the same pushchair, we were all informed via Whatsapp as well. I took particular care getting into town and onto the bus, had another episode of the driver not lowering the bus down and having to bounce Georgie over the imaginary slope to the pavement. Thinking that the pushchair would flip which luckily it didn’t.

Communication from customer service to the store was not consistent, although the sales assistants were very helpful, the company had informed them to give us cheap strollers as replacements until our pushchairs were returned.

This did not happen without raising my voice or becoming rude, I with another lady and her five month baby  were given new or display pushchairs of very good quality plus a small toy for our inconvenience. We are also promised £50 gift voucher once we have our pushchairs returned to us but we will see how long the wait is or whether the problem can be fixed?