Six months on ….

Well its six months since I left maternity leave and how I wish I could be back there, it is a time for most new mums to find their feet, understand themselves, their strengths and overcome any weaknesses with caring for their baby and partner.

Where your anxieties are in overdrive, with every new illness or symptom turning you and your partner into a quivering wreck, you have the GP number on speed dial and you know how to get to A & E in the dark.

Although work is work, and it was hard at first leaving George, I find it’s the best of both worlds for my sanity. My colleague friends at work treat me as Ruth the nurse and the new mum, the conversations change to daily life other than conversations about poo.

My days off with George are usually pre-arranged with other mums and babes or long-awaited catch up’s with old friends. Gone are the days of baby cinema, George will never sit still in my arms and I can’t even bribe him with boob milk.

It’s all about big noisy toys, walkers and ride-ons and anything George can find that makes a loud bang. The tantrums he has are interesting, can’t believe such a beautiful little boy can turn into a little angry man, literally throwing all his toys out of his cotbed and yelling, bottom lip out demanding I or Daddy come back and do as we are told.

Despite, the whirlwind of nursery, and juggling work with George, I have nearly completed my second year at uni and was considering my Masters this September. Unfortunately, the powers of be at work won’t allow it. And it might be pushing it, juggling two babies, my hubby and uni? !



The year has passed …

Wow, I can’t believe George is now a year old, Lee and I have managed to survive the weeks and months of having our first child and we didn’t screw it up.

So many changes and hurdles we have experienced and overcome. The different emotions expressed from George, Lee and I. I feel we have become stronger in our relationship with one another and reached another level becoming parents.

My whole life now is interwoven with George in it, I found myself slightly lost the other day when he was at nursery and I had three hours to myself. Rather than revise for an exam, I have in a months time, I looked around the living room at George’s toys and wished he was there. I was looking forward to my half a mile walk in the rain to nursery to pick him up, when Lee called to say he could pick him up in the car. My heart sank that I couldn’t see his little face beam up to me when I entered the baby room. He would often squirm in whoevers arms he was in at the time, or if on the floor, begin crawling rapidly towards me, reaching up for a cuddle or grabbing my trouser leg.

My lifestyle and attitude has changed since having George, I am more understanding to other parents about the difficulties of juggling work and home, the constant worry you have for the safety of your child. Analysing every nook and cranny at home to ensure G isn’t going to wack his head or put his fingers in the plug socket.

I look at friends who haven’t got kids, and am not envious of their lives,  I have no regrets on how I have lived my life before and I am glad I have achieved most of my plans before having a child.

My first thought in the morning is George and last at night, checking he is breathing in his cot bed, making sure he is warm and tucking his arm by his side when it has slipped through the railings.

My favourite places these days are coffee shops and soft play, a combination of both is perfect, suitable for both George and I.  Today, I found a quirky little coffee shop with a collection of random chairs and a bookshelf with a range of mind boggling books. Although slightly expensive, it was a change from the commercial franchaise of costa.

I nearly broke a 1970s vase as I put my coat on. I inspected the place further by visiting the toilet which had vintage paper of men and women on the walls. I spotted a collection of vinyl and record player situated at the back of the shop looking like customers can put on a record if they wished. This is right up my street. Prior to leaving, I asked the lady who had served me if they had any highchairs as if it was something off the menu.

No soft play, but good music, food, coffee and highchairs!

New year, new bra

Well, have shared ten months so far with my little pickle and experienced so many changes in my body, emotions, and relationships with all those close.

One of my acheivements was the success of breastfeeding.  Now I am weaning him slowly off and luckily not getting any of the awful infections which some of my friends have unfortunately experienced – mastitis or thrush.

My boobs have gone from a DD cup down four sizes, but it feels bloody good, trying on, and buying new attractive bras which are made for me and don’t have an alternative function.

It’s a new year, so of course a new me, back to work in two weeks, mixed feelings about this, thats when the real juggling begins. Although some days with George are exhausting and I wish I was at work, when I am with George, he amazes with his curiosity to all the little things we grown-ups take for granted.


Juggling starts …

Yesterday was exhausting, it started not so bad, George and I had a lazy morning getting up around 10am, having breakfast in our pjs, then getting washed and dressed. George was looking super cool in his new tigger threads. I was preparing three bags for the afternoon’s events – changing bag with clothes, milk, bottles and food for Daddy. My rucksack for first evening at uni and Georges book and activity bag.

Left two prepared bags at home but ready when we returned, got a bus to Sing and sign class, which was ok but not mind-blowing even for little George. I think the after class activities are more enjoyable, meeting the other mums and chatting over a coffee. I had been invited and really wanted to go but had no time.

Whizzed back home, to feed George initially then realised had no time but needed to feed myself. Wolfed down two ham rolls and ate the rest of George’s finger food crisps as he wasn’t bothered.

I ended up leaving pushchair in the garden as it was so warm and I really couldn’t be bothered to fold it to unfold it in less than an hour. Tried to access uni timetable online and email lecturers as had no idea which time was correct on starting course.

All these decisions to make, it was too warm for a coat, but then I would finish uni at 8pm and it might be colder, so took my semi winter coat and was sweating on the way to town. Met Daddy in town and he took George for the next 3 hours given him a good education in the world of Game. We had no babysitter, so we learnt to juggle George between both our commitments.

Uni was great, it was wonderful to see old faces and refreshing to have interesting conversations with adults who asked about my expectations and role. Getting to the class was a maze and looked like an construction site but made it in and out. Realising the class actually finished at 8.30pm but knowing I needed to pick up George and give Lee a rest as he was juggling work and George. I managed to escape early.

I saw Lee had left his coat and one of George’s toys on the floor of the disabled lift which later I was told was broken (the lift) and wondered what had been going on, at which point I was too tired to care. I nodded at the right intervals when Lee informed me on what he had eaten and drank etc but was mindful that the bus was coming in 6 minutes and needed to get the pushchair down the steps.

Surprisingly the bus didn’t turn up and I had to get another one home but meant I had to walk part way home. Got home eventually at 9.20pm.

George was amazing, he was very quiet and observant on the bus, later dropping off despite the noise, and someone nearly sitting on him with their rucksack!

I got him to bed and then proceded to the fridge where there was a bottle of Prosecco and neck some for accomplishing the day!  Poor daddy didn’t finish work til 2am.

Just found out one of my mates could have babysat last night, always happens too late!