New year, new bra

Well, have shared ten months so far with my little pickle and experienced so many changes in my body, emotions, and relationships with all those close.

One of my acheivements was the success of breastfeeding.  Now I am weaning him slowly off and luckily not getting any of the awful infections which some of my friends have unfortunately experienced – mastitis or thrush.

My boobs have gone from a DD cup down four sizes, but it feels bloody good, trying on, and buying new attractive bras which are made for me and don’t have an alternative function.

It’s a new year, so of course a new me, back to work in two weeks, mixed feelings about this, thats when the real juggling begins. Although some days with George are exhausting and I wish I was at work, when I am with George, he amazes with his curiosity to all the little things we grown-ups take for granted.



Essentials …

I have never visited the GP and Emergency services so much since I was pregnant and post- George. They have been marvellous, putting our minds at rest and identifying problems quickly. What would we do without such a wondeful bunch of caring people who form the National Health service. Taking interest and spending time with us made a massive difference to our lives.

Things I found useful in pregnancy, aftermath of birth and life with George… is as follows:

Tonic water with a slice of lemon to sip through the night, in my later stages of pregnancy, I experienced wind, pain in my stomach, it was awful and tonic water was fab. I was extremely disappointed not to be able to add Hendricks to the equation, but hey ho, I can now, sometimes.

A shower is always refreshing and a swim when heavily pregnant, you feel so weightless and not an enormous whale!

My bug bear though was maternity clothes, high street shops appear to not stock very much or none at all. H&M and Topshop have abit, its expensive so only get it when you really need it. I had to get most of my clothes online which is so rubbish when it doesn’t fit and you have to return it in the post. The clothes are not very attractive,  I found it very frustrating why places like Next, M&S, Joy etc do not have any maternity clothes for women to try on in the shops. Therefore you start to feel like a leper hiding away.

Women are the biggest customers for clothes shops, so shouldn’t they make us feel special ALL through our lives.

Following this, whatever your thoughts are on Breast is best, whether you have a go, or it isn’t for you. Don’t let anyone pressure you on what you decide. A few products I found useful.

If you don’t want cracked and sore nipples, try Lanolin balm, its amazing, not just for that, this also helped with cradle cap and other dry spots for him and me. I got a 25g pot for £4 which lasted me 3 months. Made in Burley-in wharfdale, Leeds under the name of Little Beau Sheep. You can find it in a cool shop in the Light at Fabrication.

Looking for organic products kind to babies skin, I found some in Neals yard, baby balm, calendula soap, corn starch talc better for baby than other talc. Mothers balm is expensive but totally worth it to reduce stretch marks and keep your skin supple. Also I tried organic extra virgin coconut oil, raw, cold-pressed which is a fantastic moisturiser for all, also great if you use this in stir fries.

Nursing bras are ugly and you will go through all sorts of sizes, plus large pairs of knickers. Although the latter are great after birth and you will simply not care what you look like.

Enthusiaum, patience, sense of humour, creativity and good communication skills and qualities which are essential to have when raising babies, kids and co-operating with partners.