Six months on ….

Well its six months since I left maternity leave and how I wish I could be back there, it is a time for most new mums to find their feet, understand themselves, their strengths and overcome any weaknesses with caring for their baby and partner.

Where your anxieties are in overdrive, with every new illness or symptom turning you and your partner into a quivering wreck, you have the GP number on speed dial and you know how to get to A & E in the dark.

Although work is work, and it was hard at first leaving George, I find it’s the best of both worlds for my sanity. My colleague friends at work treat me as Ruth the nurse and the new mum, the conversations change to daily life other than conversations about poo.

My days off with George are usually pre-arranged with other mums and babes or long-awaited catch up’s with old friends. Gone are the days of baby cinema, George will never sit still in my arms and I can’t even bribe him with boob milk.

It’s all about big noisy toys, walkers and ride-ons and anything George can find that makes a loud bang. The tantrums he has are interesting, can’t believe such a beautiful little boy can turn into a little angry man, literally throwing all his toys out of his cotbed and yelling, bottom lip out demanding I or Daddy come back and do as we are told.

Despite, the whirlwind of nursery, and juggling work with George, I have nearly completed my second year at uni and was considering my Masters this September. Unfortunately, the powers of be at work won’t allow it. And it might be pushing it, juggling two babies, my hubby and uni? !



The year has passed …

Wow, I can’t believe George is now a year old, Lee and I have managed to survive the weeks and months of having our first child and we didn’t screw it up.

So many changes and hurdles we have experienced and overcome. The different emotions expressed from George, Lee and I. I feel we have become stronger in our relationship with one another and reached another level becoming parents.

My whole life now is interwoven with George in it, I found myself slightly lost the other day when he was at nursery and I had three hours to myself. Rather than revise for an exam, I have in a months time, I looked around the living room at George’s toys and wished he was there. I was looking forward to my half a mile walk in the rain to nursery to pick him up, when Lee called to say he could pick him up in the car. My heart sank that I couldn’t see his little face beam up to me when I entered the baby room. He would often squirm in whoevers arms he was in at the time, or if on the floor, begin crawling rapidly towards me, reaching up for a cuddle or grabbing my trouser leg.

My lifestyle and attitude has changed since having George, I am more understanding to other parents about the difficulties of juggling work and home, the constant worry you have for the safety of your child. Analysing every nook and cranny at home to ensure G isn’t going to wack his head or put his fingers in the plug socket.

I look at friends who haven’t got kids, and am not envious of their lives,  I have no regrets on how I have lived my life before and I am glad I have achieved most of my plans before having a child.

My first thought in the morning is George and last at night, checking he is breathing in his cot bed, making sure he is warm and tucking his arm by his side when it has slipped through the railings.

My favourite places these days are coffee shops and soft play, a combination of both is perfect, suitable for both George and I.  Today, I found a quirky little coffee shop with a collection of random chairs and a bookshelf with a range of mind boggling books. Although slightly expensive, it was a change from the commercial franchaise of costa.

I nearly broke a 1970s vase as I put my coat on. I inspected the place further by visiting the toilet which had vintage paper of men and women on the walls. I spotted a collection of vinyl and record player situated at the back of the shop looking like customers can put on a record if they wished. This is right up my street. Prior to leaving, I asked the lady who had served me if they had any highchairs as if it was something off the menu.

No soft play, but good music, food, coffee and highchairs!


My maternity leave has flown by, George has changed from a tiny baby into a bum shuffling adrenaline little monkey! He has developed so quickly from his first smile to a beautiful babbling and waving little boy. All his characteristics and personality are emerging, he knows what he shouldn’t play with i.e nappy bags, when I find him not amid his toys but at the most dangerous part of the living room – the fireplace.

All the thoughts of danger pass through my mind, when I can’t see him, we did have a near miss, when he rolled off the bed but luckily he was in a thick sleeping bag which must have softened his fall, but makes you feel like such a bad mum for leaving the room.

When I speak to other mums, they reassure me that it happens to them all, and from being overcautious initially with every new rash or bump, I can safely say I think Lee too, that we have overcome the worst.

My new life as a mum is an amazing adventure, the lifestyle of baby classes, cinema, and even the experience of soft play are fantastic. Developing my culinary skills by making Annabel’s dishes,  Taking the steak away from Daddy to make a delicious dish for G was amusing. Most of all, meeting other mums and listening to their stories on how they cope with their little ones, learning new things to try and feeling listened to about my worries and concerns.

The changes which occur in your relationship are massive, and such a learning curse for new parents. The difference of how fathers are with their babiescompared to their other halves, are a world apart. Dressing, activity, level of engagement, play, chatting all aids their development, but you can see how your little ones react differently to each parent.

George’s no fear policy is alittle discerning, he frequently dives out of his snug, head first into the carpet and then tells me in a loud scream that he has carpet burn on his nose. I noticed he was rocking on the wooden highchair in a restaurant the other day, by resting one foot on the leg of the table and pushing himself away. Thertefore my eyes are constantly on him, as my mind.

You can understand why  i am having problems letting him go into his own room now.




Mission to see Mother Pukka

So yesterday with the persuasion of a great friend, we took our little ones to Manchester, on the National Express. With last-minute research due to my friend having a toddler and a 3 month old baby, the coach was the better option to get into Manchester before 11am.

I think it has been the earliest time, I have got up and left the house with George. With limited sleep as George is having a blip and likes to wake me up every 2 hours for a feed this week. My alarm startled me when it went off at 6.06am, and I remembered the dream I was having where my mum was fussing with George, my hair and face had been dyed purple and I was expected to run 10k in the next ten minutes.

I thought for a second which I’d rather do, but then realised once we get to Manchester it WILL be worth it. So I was at the bus stop at 0730, and got to coach station at 0815! Wow my work colleagues would be so proud.

With the coach, it is advised to take a car seat with you so the night before i practised taking the car seat on and off the wheels, I checked out a YouTube vid to find out how, as the boyf was too busy to help me. Well it was EASY without a 15lb baby in!

Well it wasn’t too bad, pat on the back for the coach drivers who were very helpful carrying our little ones onto the coach and carefully arranging the collapsed wheels in luggage compartment. Roll on with technology, Nat guided us to OGS Works via GoogleMaps.

And then we were in, parked up our wheels down the corridor and carried the babes in, my first Mamas Collective! Inspired by Mother Pukka who gave up her job to spent more time with her child and now advertises brands, influences other mamas, is an Instagramer and blogger.

Enjoyed meeting other mamas and hearing their stories, and started to think that they is no Mamas collective in Leeds and York. Although the trip was worth it, it would be great to have a local group. So this is my next mission!

After effects of trip, stronger arms from carrying the car seat, more bruises on the legs, inspiration and creativity swirling!


The other side of the coin …

From conversations with other new mums and a certain topic continues to pop up. The fathers who are at work full time are under the impression their better halves are having a best time of their lives.

They think we are enjoying lunches with friends, coffee mornings, cinema trips, shopping, the list is endless. It’s funny I had the same conversation with my partner who thought my new role was easy and that I am swanning around town etc.

Ha, I think and believe most of you mums would agree with me, maybe we do tell our partners about our day and talk about the fun parts with more excitement. But the everyday tasks which we have to do for our little one, given their particular needs is just part and parcel of our day. With having broken sleep from feeding through the night, teething, exploding nappies and changes, the happy days are what I look forward to.

Each week, I try to arrange different outings for George and I, preferably meeting friends, to keep my sanity as too many days with just George and I can send me potty. Also becoming creative with your time and for your little one to gain the most of it is a daily task.

These baby classes, swimming, massage, raves all add up and when your maternity pay gets smaller each month, you soon learn to save every coupon, use your points card for free coffees and arrange meet-ups in the park.

So boys if you can handle multi-tasking daily and feel you can be a stay at home pa, have a trial run, I’m sure your other half would love a break.