Four days left til the Apocalyse…

Well what can I say, think George and I have has a mavellous time together, managed to afford to take a year off and what a year it was!

From growing as a parent going through the spectrum of emotions, meeting other wonderful mums and dads going through just the same anxieties. Enjoying all the happiness and joy that Georgie has given us over the last ten and three quarter months!

Watching him change and grow into a little adventurer and clever one at that, when all the little ones were starting to crawl, George just gave us all the royal wave and we bowed at his creativity.

One of the skills, I think I have excelled at, is my creativity, it is one skill you can adapt to a range of jobs and raising children. I’m not into putting my little one in front of the tv, I get bored anyhow and feel that babies develop better with lots of playtime and stories.

Whilst being on my KIT days, (keeping in touch days) at work, which is something all mums/dads can do before returning to work. After you receive your last maternity stat pay, you can do up to ten days paid by your employer – this being any training, updates etc you need to do. It also helps you not feel under-confident and swamped when you return to work.

My time management has never been a strong point and for the last 5 years, I was always getting reminded by the boss about keeping up-to-date with my E-learning, now I have achieved nearly all of it in my KIT days, so I can concentrate on working with my patients.

Actually it felt quite nice being back at work, loads of changes but much easier than thinking about planning George’s day. Daddy has next week off to do all that while I have a full week at training, however minus the early morning wake-ups, it will feel like Respite.

The juggling will begin, offically when I start work, am still attending university part-time but it is fairly mild at the moment. An exam in March, will be exciting, just to add more craziness to the pot!


First Christmas

Ah well, Georgie had a fab time being spoilt by all those around him, uncles, aunties, friends and some Grandparents. Think I overdid it with his christmas outfits, too much choice, although his elf christmas jumper was a winner!

Poor Daddy was overworked and sick on the eve of Christmas and had to stay at home and rest. He regretted waking up with Georgie and I but soon made up for it driving over extra early to see our smiles.

Dinner was a slight disaster for the veggies at the table, as their pie wasn’t cooked, so Daddy and I felt alittle bad that our meat was just fine. Georgie sampled some roasties and parnips, will have to attempt the latter again soon.

Christmas is great for babies and children, Georgie loved the concept of opening and closing the pages of new board books and eating the wrapping paper. Out of all his new toys, George still prefers the nappy bags and wipes.

In the afternoon, we had  jam session, Georgie on the tamborine and I on the bells and uncle Danny singing, next year we will form our own band, just you wait and see.

We made a quick dash to see the other grandparents, uncles and aunts and sampling some deserts before returning back to Grandmas in time for Call the midwife.

Boxing day was more relaxing for us, despite being unable to pack all George’s things in the car and having to leave some presents behind. George hasn’t noticed yet.

Next year, think George will be on the ball, and we will have to wrap presents when he’s asleep.