Karate kicks and screwdrivers

In preparation for Halloween, needed a few supplies plus some pumpkins as Grandads pumpkin decided to collapse and leak juice all over the fireplace and my sewing box. Great start to the mid morning.

Packed up George’s wheels with bare essentials and due to the weather being again indecisive, actually attached the weathersheild to buggy after putting wee George inside with Batman at his side for protection.

Made sure had all bags i needed, probably checked I locked the back door several times, no OCD there and then went to open the back gate ….. five minutes later, bloody latch was so bent up I couldn’t even open the gate. I did do a karate kick, for extra power and through frustration but to no avail.

I did initially think of then re-entering the house and attempting the front steps, but then my quick thinking came into play. I got my super mojo screwdriver kit out from the kitchen, worked out which screwdriver was appropiate and then became to unscrew the latch. I now have a latch half hanging off and a gate which will open both ways  and a quick escape route to the outside world!

Added to my handbag is a screwdriver, just in case I return and can’t get in.

Had a productive and fun day out with family and friends ending with a relaxing drink in the local pub with board games to entertain the kids for abit while us mums can chill for ten!



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