Seven months and one day

Nothing prepares a parent for when your child is sick, we have been luckier than others that G has not been ill until now. What a night, he didn’t sleep from 10pm until 1am and we had to resort in him sleeping on Daddy’s chest. I was fall of cold, G congested and finding it hard to breathe out of his nose. Tried Olbas oil on a tissue to no avail, constant screamimg whenever we tried to put our sleeping babe in the cot.

After giving him a feed, I thought I’d cracked it as he looked really sleepy, he sat up and then vomited milk all over me, the duvet and himself and started screaming again. It was impossible for Daddy and I to communicate to each other due to the heightened decibels, which later followed by cross words and raised tempers. I was too knackered and sick to argue, I just wanted sleep. G went to sleep on Daddy’s chest again after Mummy changed the entire bedding, G’s bedding and found an alternative to her Pjs, which was a destiny t-shirt, just been told its Gears of war, whatever and a pair of knickers.

The room stunk of sick so everything was thrown in the wash, this was around 3am probably. He slept for an hour and half until bad mummy carefully peeled him off Daddys wet chest and held him for abit as he motioned for milk. Gave him another feed, alittle winding and then placed him in the cot.

Screams like he’d been hit went through me, think Daddy might’ve woken up but then he erupted and began to vomit over himself uncontrollably on his back, reminding me of  the scene from Alien with the android Bishop bleeding ( this is from sleep deprivation).

Scary moment of my life I think, but together we stopped G from choking on his own vomit and saw an emergency GP this morning who reduced our anxieties saying this is just one of those bugs kids get! Really do not want another night like that, does experience make you stronger?


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