Behind the scenes

The pressures of weaning, having several discussion with other mums when to start? How often? When do you get the time to make it? Do you buy ready made? the list is endless.

Mums’ days are busy enough with their little ones daily schedules,  I know from my weeks, they are totally different due to illness, explosive nappies, last minute sickness and that is not counting whether mummy or daddy are sick too.

It creates alot of anxiety for mums on the issue of weaning, and health professionals out there, are not very reassuring!

Went to the baby clinic this week and to my surprise they were brillant, gave me tips on snacking in between meals for baby so he sleeps through the night. Great thats what everyone needs, last month they pissed me off by telling me to go to the doctor about my son’s skin. He has baby eczema, it was a hot day and when I undressed him, they went bananas. Luckily, I have a thick skin and held my own, understanding my son better than them.

Then this week, I was in sheer agony with a dry socket after having two wisdom teeth out last week. The dentist prescribed me two antibiotics which one meant I couldn’t breastfeed. OMG, last night was like going back to when George was 8 weeks old, he was screaming his head off through the night, nothing we tried would settle him.

Today and for the next week, he is now on formula feeds and I feel like a cow, being milked by hand pump every few hours. Will be asking Lee to bring home some cabbage leaves just to feel some relief! Can’t even have a drink, as not allowed to mix drugs with it.

Roll on Friday when I can get my life back!



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