First gig

Taking te boy to his first rock gig unfortunately became a disaster, as we were rolling down the A64 at 10mph in severe traffic conditions yesterday. A light came up on the dashboard and steam started bursting out of the bonnet before the the car stood still!

Of all days to happen, after it took me half a day to pack Georgie’s rucksack for Leeds festival and we were supposed to meet up with my sister and give her their tickets.

I had two bottles of water on me, one sterilised for the boy and another for me, both were used for something under that bonnet, although it leaked right through.

Little George was all ready in his Happy mondays get up/ jack johnson look but unfortunately had to wait for the AA man alongside with Daddy on the side of the road!

Although I did have the option of taking him in the harness and walk half a mile up the road to gig, I’m glad, I didn’t as when I eventually got there with the assistance from Mr and Mrs Shaw, it was sadly disappointing. It reminded us of the bog of stench, this being  a River of Stench, I have never endured such mud and am very surprised I didn’t fall flat in that mud. No place for a baby!

The only highlights were experiencing the genius of Bill Bailey and his amazing sound effects. And eventually seeing Chillies, after many years of rocking to their fantastic songs.

According to my phone which didn’t die, I managed 16386 steps, although there were times when I didn’t think I would step again due to the Mud nearly swallowing up my boots and having the assistance from my lovely sister and Martin to pull me out.

Next time, will ensure the car works and we will all go to a warm climate which holds a baby friendly festival!



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