Mad dash to the port

So this was our second holiday this year, this time it was abroad.

Looked at flights to Dublin and they were so expensive with the extras we needed such as car seat, pushchair, checked luggage and then car hire on top. Therefore we looked at our alternative which being the ferry. This proved cheaper, although alittle longer in the journey, we thought it would be hasslefree!

Well, Lee checked out the journey time to Holyhead from Leeds and gave us enough time in case of traffic. We bought a new Sat Nav which was fully updated and included Europe, car packed and ready to go.We even packed the intercom this time, and some food for little George.

So using a Sat nav is great, it tells you alternative routes, the time you should get there, speed cameras etc. Unfortunately for us, there were several traffic jams, crashes along the way which caused us to nearly rethink our ferry time.

We were supposed to get there an hour before the ferry departs, in our case it was 20 minutes before and prior to this there was a strong smell of poo in the car and George appeared very quiet. Checking him in the car seat, I noticed a pool of liquid poo coming out of the bottom part of his nappy on the right side. Due to having to work fast, I grabbed half a packet of wipes and tried to scoop, soak and contain the poo up as to not spread it around the back of the car. It worked, although still smelled and I noticed orange stains on part of the car seat.

Luckily for us Stena Line let us on, it looked like they were running late anyhow.

Due to not wanting to move little George until we found a facility, we just attached his car seat to the wheels and rolled on deck. Good piece of equipment – muslim square, fab for covering up poo messes, stains that you don’t want the public to see. After working out how to open the disabled toilet door, a mission in itself and then Lee decided he needed the loo, so off he went.

I proceeded to be ready with wipes, bag, and nappies for the task at hand. Full change was needed, he was wearing short dungerees, which was not the greatest idea when poo exploded down his leg. So I think we put joggers on him.

Then we both sighed with relief and Lee had a pint


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