Mission to see Mother Pukka

So yesterday with the persuasion of a great friend, we took our little ones to Manchester, on the National Express. With last-minute research due to my friend having a toddler and a 3 month old baby, the coach was the better option to get into Manchester before 11am.

I think it has been the earliest time, I have got up and left the house with George. With limited sleep as George is having a blip and likes to wake me up every 2 hours for a feed this week. My alarm startled me when it went off at 6.06am, and I remembered the dream I was having where my mum was fussing with George, my hair and face had been dyed purple and I was expected to run 10k in the next ten minutes.

I thought for a second which I’d rather do, but then realised once we get to Manchester it WILL be worth it. So I was at the bus stop at 0730, and got to coach station at 0815! Wow my work colleagues would be so proud.

With the coach, it is advised to take a car seat with you so the night before i practised taking the car seat on and off the wheels, I checked out a YouTube vid to find out how, as the boyf was too busy to help me. Well it was EASY without a 15lb baby in!

Well it wasn’t too bad, pat on the back for the coach drivers who were very helpful carrying our little ones onto the coach and carefully arranging the collapsed wheels in luggage compartment. Roll on with technology, Nat guided us to OGS Works via GoogleMaps.

And then we were in, parked up our wheels down the corridor and carried the babes in, my first Mamas Collective! Inspired by Mother Pukka who gave up her job to spent more time with her child and now advertises brands, influences other mamas, is an Instagramer and blogger.

Enjoyed meeting other mamas and hearing their stories, and started to think that they is no Mamas collective in Leeds and York. Although the trip was worth it, it would be great to have a local group. So this is my next mission!

After effects of trip, stronger arms from carrying the car seat, more bruises on the legs, inspiration and creativity swirling!



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