Constant eyes and creative minds …

Us mums have to be so creative in all our activities, food prep, and games with our little ones, the list is endless. And to think having more than one child you need to have various activites for all the specific ages and abilities.

Mums appear to have the least praise for their constant hard work and they achieve so much. I look back on my childhood and think my mum is my hero, she was amazing having three children all under five and managing to get us all washed, dressed and fed must have been a crazy affair. Let alone leaving the house, transportation then was in the form a silvercross pram with my twin sisters and I’m guessing I just hung off one of the wheels or side. No buggy boards in 1982!

No wonder my mum, years later became a youth worker from all that experience of raising us, the job would’ve been so easy with older children.

Gone are the days when I feel guilty about forgeting George’s blanket, weathersheid or toy, I just improvise using my hoodie for warmth, keys for distraction and if you have an umbrella bet you could use that (as my mum suggested).

The weathershield is one of my bug bears, we were never initially shown in the shop how to put it on, and it is usually put on in a rush. Therefore I try and clip the elastic bits to the legs but it usually looks wongy. George doesn’t mind though he thinks its another toy.

One day last week, it was a bad day and we didn’t manage to leave the house until 4pm, I had to leave the house for my sanity and due to the beautiful hot weather and thought we’d head to the local park. I left the changing bag at home as the park was only down the road and he had been changed recently. It was great to just go out with the buggy and not all the luggage that goes with him usually. George decided to have a paddy when I was getting ready but I kept going and when I got him in the pushchair he soon settled and fell asleep as I marched down the hill.

I noticed myself talking to him when he’s in the pushchair, sometimes hes fast asleep but other people don’t know that and anyway I reckon its all good for his development and my mental health. As BT used to say, its good to talk!

We did have a close call, having a little lie down in the park under the trees together, I then thought he’d like alittle tummy time. Oh dear, I didn’t realise we were sitting on a hill, and poor little George began rolling, luckily I grabbed him before it ended up in the shrubs.

Will not make that mistake again!




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