New toys …

Looking back through my life so far, I’ve noticed certain trends, in my late teens to early twenties it was alcohol, parties and the latest topshop accessory. Having a talking furry friend aka Furby and Buzz Lightyear when I was 21 was fab, also came in useful in my job then as toy supervisor at Mothercare.

But as I got older, being fashionable wasn’t essential anymore, I remember a shopping trip in Leeds when I was 26 with one of my frends who is slightly younger than me, we ended up looking and checking out the latest homeware in Debenhams! This hasn’t changed for me, I love homeware and check it out in most shops.

Then I think I started to check out baby clothes in my late 20s and continue to, although now, I have good reason. My new fad is babies toys and I am slowly working through the collection of mamas and papas range for George to play with. Brillant colours and textures to stimulate his senses.

I was quite lucky to have a partner who loves toys as much as I do, therefore between us we had some toys to pass onto George such as numerous Miffy’s, Flat Eric, Monkey, Burt and Ernie snd Elmo. Later when George is older, I think Lee will share his Marvel figures, here’s hoping?!

And Lego, wow how it has changed since we were younger, it is so cool now, with all the different ranges from Ghostbusters to Back to the Future, I know more adults who have the collections than children. The price is extreme too, so if George does like it,  we will have to save up or hope a lovely family member might get it for his birthday.


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