The other side of the coin …

From conversations with other new mums and a certain topic continues to pop up. The fathers who are at work full time are under the impression their better halves are having a best time of their lives.

They think we are enjoying lunches with friends, coffee mornings, cinema trips, shopping, the list is endless. It’s funny I had the same conversation with my partner who thought my new role was easy and that I am swanning around town etc.

Ha, I think and believe most of you mums would agree with me, maybe we do tell our partners about our day and talk about the fun parts with more excitement. But the everyday tasks which we have to do for our little one, given their particular needs is just part and parcel of our day. With having broken sleep from feeding through the night, teething, exploding nappies and changes, the happy days are what I look forward to.

Each week, I try to arrange different outings for George and I, preferably meeting friends, to keep my sanity as too many days with just George and I can send me potty. Also becoming creative with your time and for your little one to gain the most of it is a daily task.

These baby classes, swimming, massage, raves all add up and when your maternity pay gets smaller each month, you soon learn to save every coupon, use your points card for free coffees and arrange meet-ups in the park.

So boys if you can handle multi-tasking daily and feel you can be a stay at home pa, have a trial run, I’m sure your other half would love a break.


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