Kindness …

Today was the hottest day so far of the year, so naturally all the Brit’s were looking very summery. I prepared myself and George for the day ahead, wearing appropriate clothes. Took two hats for George and ended up buying him a flat cap in town later.

I have given up wearing two tops in order to nurse George in an inconspicuous way, it is too hot to do this, so I chose a comfortable but summery top to wear. Layered on the sun cream everywhere on George and I and ventured out.

Now I have sampled driving, I hate buses, in hot weather they are slow and never seem to come on time. As the weather was beautiful this morning, I walked the scenic route down to Kirkstall, sweating in the heat I treated myself to Raspberry cooler which is a sophisticated slush puppy. I then cheated and waited for a bus to Headingley as I couldn’t make the hill in the sun.

As I got the bus, there appeared to be a lady with her pushchair taking over two spaces, and wouldn’t move so I politely asked her to. On alighting, there was an amazing strong lady in her eighties who wouldn’t budge until the driver lowered the suspension so that she could get off. The driver did not lower it fully although stated it was as low as can be, so the lady said she would complain.

When I tried to manoevue towards the exit, a lovely man came out of nowhere and offered to help me as there was a prominent gap, I let him help me  and following me I think he helped some other people. The lady in her eighties advised me to always tell the driver “to lower the suspension”, which I can’t wait to say..

It is frustrating though, that driver’s do not do this automatically when they see a pushchair as they do this for a wheelchair all the time.

Bring back more heroes who help others especially on buses, the ones out there are marvellous!






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