20 weeks ..

This week has not been too bad,  I started weaning George as he is staring at us eat, reaching out for our food and constantly putting everything in his mouth.

Well it is hard to decide from the literature which is available on what to start him on, baby rice? banana? carrot? sweet potato?

The Annabel Karmels baby and toddler meal planner suggests you use a variety of veggies and fruit in the first week, whereas the Cow and Gate guide suggests veggie purees in the first week at lunch, followed by week fruit puree at breakfast after milk and  veggie puree for lunch.

Anyhow, I made some carrot puree, which appeared to go down a treat on monday, tuesday wasn’t that successful, wednesday, George tasted sweet potato a tiny spoonful, brocerli on thursday was no no,  friday he wasn’t keen and today he sampled carrot again which he spat out but enjoyed playing with. I introduced mashed banana which again didn’t get swallowed but George enjoyed playing around with it in his mouth before drooling over his bib.

In my mind, George is 5 months due to him being 20 weeks now, although officially he will be next friday. When I asked the doctor this week, he said they still state age in weeks. But this is very confusing in the long term, a conversation I have had with many mums recently.

When you are pregnant, you count your trimesters in weeks rather than months depending on baby development and scans etc, and then when your baby is born, you still count the weeks until when?

We all know that a month doesn’t always have 4 weeks in, and there are 52 weeks in a year. Sorry I’m rambling.

Back to weaning, although the Government now state you should start when your baby is 6 months, many moons ago it was 4 months. I feel if your baby is able to hold head steady, can sit in highchair or snug and are showing the other signs for food. Have a go, as long as there 17 weeks or over.

It is a slow process, weaning, all the new tastes and textures your baby is experiencing. George will probably be 6 months when he is actually eating a good portion.




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