Do you know what the title means? Bring your own baby, although you could be a nanny and bring one of the babies under 12 months.

Well I’m discovering all these fantastic places to take baby George, the cinema in Leeds is fab, you get a sofa for you and baby, service with a smile. Within the £11 ticket price, you can order a hot drink and choose from the selection of cake.

Now most mums enjoy a good piece of cake and the choice this week was a Brownie, slab of carrot cake, toblerone cheesecake and something else. Depending on the night before and how much sleep you get, a good coffee is what you need to perk you up and aid your concentration on the film.

This week it was The Legend of Tarzan, and you needed your full senses on Tarzan who was very scumptious indeed. Possibly due to the film, the cinema was packed with pushchairs parked under the screen and in both aisles. I’ve never known it to be so packed, and with the “animal noises from the jungle”, I feel it, relaxed most of the babies, as I didn’t hear any screaming. Most of the babies including George were babbling their own language, then dropped off asleep.

I enjoyed tucking into my carrot cake and latte, also it was great to share this experience with a lovely group of ladies which I met in my NCT class.

Hopefully we can make it to see Ghostbusters next week although we will see what monday night brings. The showing is at 10am, bit early for George and I, we prefer our activities alittle later than this.


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