Educating the boy

Due to the boy having a growth spurt this week, my sleep has been intermittent through the 24 hour period, and I’m surprised I haven’t fallen asleep on the sofa some days. I’ve learnt this week from various lovely mums that I should get the Wonder weeks App, this will inform me the specific leaps physical and mental my baby is having at certain times in his development. I am guessing George has a growth spurt this week but it could be a physical leap? I have yet to download app so will investigate.

Although another mum I spoke to did say her baby had a growth spurt around George’s age so hopefully it is. Sleep is better due to Georgie sleeping five hours straight this morning and waking dad, who slept through his alarm for work.

Dad was very thankful we have a George alarm clock.

This morning, George found out how Piglet escaped from his flooded home, he was rescued by Pooh and Christopher Robin in an umbrella.  This was followed by a two hour sleep then we had playtime. George then began to watch me eat every mouthful of my lunch, whilst drooling on his blanket.  Next lesson was to watch one of Goldie Hawn’s classic’s Bird on a wire, which little G found most amusing and then started sucking Batman’s ears.

He educated me on his exploding nappies and then personal hygiene, and ended up wearing only his cookie monster vest.

By then I was exhausted and instead of our usual instalement of Empire Strikes back, I ended up reading a slightly easy read – Room on a broom before bath and bed.


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