Power of words

What to say, got an email last night which was quite scary about my pushchair which needed to be recalled for repair. Although the email stated that all customers should arrange collections or return to the store immediately for a quality check. They worded it as a minor fault – the problem was a loose catch which could result in the seat flipping backwards whilst your child is in it.

Naturally we was worried and I initially didn’t want to put George in it until it was fixed. But I had no choice as I had a hospital appointment this morning and now that he’s weighing over a stone now.  I didn’t think I could carry him in a sling, with changing bag and handbag. Other than feeling like a donkey, I needed to bring the pushchair to the store.

Due to most of my NCT group having bought the same pushchair, we were all informed via Whatsapp as well. I took particular care getting into town and onto the bus, had another episode of the driver not lowering the bus down and having to bounce Georgie over the imaginary slope to the pavement. Thinking that the pushchair would flip which luckily it didn’t.

Communication from customer service to the store was not consistent, although the sales assistants were very helpful, the company had informed them to give us cheap strollers as replacements until our pushchairs were returned.

This did not happen without raising my voice or becoming rude, I with another lady and her five month baby  were given new or display pushchairs of very good quality plus a small toy for our inconvenience. We are also promised £50 gift voucher once we have our pushchairs returned to us but we will see how long the wait is or whether the problem can be fixed?




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