New beginnings …

I had my last class at university last night, it was sad to leave, I had met some wonderful and inspiring people and the course opened my eyes to so many new ways of learning and how to work with families in the future.

I passed the foundation year and hope to continue to the intermediate level this September. The course leaders and my tutor were very supportive throughout the course. My tutor was very inspiring and I am thankful for her uplifting words praising me on how I managed so well since having a baby.

I love learning and meeting people who inspire me to achieve, I found the course something to look forward to on a wednesday night and an opportunity to open my mind. This was my “ME” time. I know it’s going to be tough going back in September with George being seven months but I’m going to do it. I have backing from my manager who was impressed I’d continued whilst on maternity leave.

I think if you can, all those with children should try and do something they enjoy even for a few hours a week, it is mega hard raising children and for your sanity and your relationships you need to offload as an individual.

My mind is full of positive ideas for the future and I am going to try these out whilst on my maternity leave and see where my path will take me.


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