Mum to be

To all those out there who are either thinking of becoming a mum or are presently pregnant, tips to consider …

I have become a mum in my late thirties believing this was late and since realising that this is not the case. Age is just a number, having life experiences have made me much wiser and open-minded to the world around me.

I have no regrets so far in my life and have found the right partner to create a baby with. I am a keen traveller and have met people from many cultures who have been kind and accepted me for who I am. I love meeting new people on my journeys and finding out about their experiences. In my twenties, I was reckless and didn’t commit to many things except education which I absorbed. Meeting other students whose passion for politics fascinated me and I tried to take note, most of it went over my head.

When I first held George, I was overcome with emotion and protection. George changed our lives and made us stronger as a couple.  My first thought everyday is my son, then my partner and then those close to me.

If you are still in the place where you are thinking of yourself and your needs, don’t have kids until you have fulfilled them.

Be kind to all those around you because it is tough having a baby, and raising one; you need to have a strong network of friends. I also joined the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) class when I was pregnant to gain a better understanding of what to expect and met some lovely couples, whose friendships have grown since having our babies and we have shared our wisdom and woes.

Listen to those who have had babies and learn from them, for they had to learn through their experiences and manage. Look after your physical and mental health throughout your pregnancy and afterwards, slow down and eat healthy.

Don’t go mad buying the latest gadgets for your baby, its cheaper to be simple and be resourceful. My family and friends have been very supportive and have lent and given us various equipment such as baby bath, moses basket for example. Check out Ebay, Amazon and baby sales.

Moses basket will last until your baby is at least 3 months depending on their size, same goes for a carrycot. So think wisely when buying pushchairs/ travel systems. How are you going to travel mostly? Car? Bus? Walk? Do you run? If getting the bus with a pram/pushchair will the width fit on a bus?

My life as a mother is wonderful as this moment in time, I have made some really great friends through antenatel class, NCT, baby classes and become closer to my family. I have been able to adapt my social and creative skills with George to ensure that everyday is different and that the time we spent together is special.

Most of all, I love who I have become.



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