Lessons learnt

From the experience of our first family holiday, what I have learnt is that I didn’t need to pack the Calpol, there was no need for it. In our case, we never got the opportunity to leave George so the bottles, milk and sterilising tablets were never used. We only have the one child but you should’ve seen the car, the back seat was covered in toys, muslim squares and most importantly for my comfort a travel pillow. This also doubled up as George’s tummy time pillow.

Plan your days appropiately if going in a large group on holiday, so the days are not wasted. We were very productive still trying to see the sights despite some days it had rained.

Write a list of essentials before you go, include baby monitor, that was the only thing we forgot but it just meant we became much more vigilant. Travel cots are great, I had initial anxiety about using it at first, placing my child on the floor but George loved it. He has space to move around and we would often find him in a different position on his back. It is also great when they wake up and want to play with toys. You then have time to get a shower etc.

Take or invest in a baby carrier, as it is a nightmare to drag and often carry pushchairs over beaches.  Avoid seagulls, ha that may be too difficult. Unfortunately I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t feel very lucky.

Try if you can to keep to your baby’s routine of nap times and playtime. Although family mean well and enjoy cuddles, it isn’t always beneficial for them to be picked up all the time. Also if a baby is crying in your arms, they are trying to tell you something so work with them. It is very frustrating for a mum to see this and the person is say I don’t mind him crying. The baby’s needs come first.

Mum and dads, go on a trip in the car or on train together when your baby is at least 4 months and see how it goes, it will increase your confidence and aid the baby’s development to new surroundings, people and experiences. It will also help make travelling easier in the future.  Our next holiday is Ireland and we hope to fly, only a 50 minute flight to Dublin. My next mission is to get passport for George. I’ve heard Max Spielman are really good at taking photos of babies so will give that a go and find out.



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