Packing is hard enough for yourself, then you have to pack for your child/ baby.

I’ve only just finished, the house is jam packed with bags, car seat by front door ready for the morning, followed by pushchair, travel cot, changing bag which I have just repacked. I have also a bottle bag with milk, first aid – calpol just in case … haven’t used it for weeks but just in case there are no shops in Cornwall.

Then what books, toys do we take? had to repack George’s bag as it appeared his entire waredrobe was in the bag and we are only going to a week! Prior to all this packing which started around yesterday, ha bits of it around 7.30pm; Georgie had a bath and was very sleepy so was put in his cot.

When you think you have your child sussed think again, don’t get cocky, he must know we were thinking of packing therefore he began to scream and cry for around an hour this was before we even started to cook tea. We took it in turns, I tried to entertain him with football while I popped into the kitchen to prepare food. He was more amused with baby bee book which I ended up strapping to his bouncer due to him dropping it and screaming again.

George is  now fast asleep on the lounge floor while my partner is upstairs packing his stuff, hoping to fit everything in the car tomorrow, I no doubt will have something on my lap.

Considered making a large G n T but thought I’d have a clear head until tomorrow night.


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