Taking little things for granted

Being heavily pregnant and trying to have a shower in a roll top bath sitting down was probably safer although this was a mission in itself to get in and out. I’m sure someone would’ve made a comedy sketch of Lee and I when I asked him to pull me out of the bath one time. I felt like an old women holding onto the sides of the bath while Lee lifted me under the arms while nearly breaking his back. This is a big NO, NO manoeuvre in nursing but we had no hoist!

We had our perfect quadrant shower installed last year to make life easier but sadly we were conned by bathroom fitter and it began to leak onto our wooden floorboards. His only response to this was to put more silicone and advise me to go to B & Q to get some more plastic seals.

Having busy workloads between us, preparing the house for George, we never got round to getting another plumber in, not until after christmas and then we were told not to use our perfect shower. Six months have gone by, in between this, I have had baby George, we took the guy to court but to no avail and have to pay more money to get it destroyed and start again.

On a happier note, life with George is amazing and we enjoy baths with him.

We are looking forward to our first holiday with George this week and to have daily showers!



2 thoughts on “Taking little things for granted

  1. I love reading your blog… It is making me think about all the challenges you might face but don’t think about before becoming a mum for the first time. I am looking forward to reading more. Amy xx


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