New ways to travel

Since having Georgie, leaving the house is not easy, you have to remember to take everything – which is mostly his things. Changing bag, waterproof for pram, hat, blanket, and you must not forget a toy otherwise you start to think you are a bad parent if you forget that. Once when I was in a rush , ha, lately I am always in a rush to attend baby classes or meet people. After loading up the pram with George in tow, and managing to guide the pram safely down the huge step in back yard, I realised I haven’t locked the back door. So I had to abandon George in the back alley and run back into the yard to lock the door.

The bus …. I haven’t passed my driving test yet, last one I had was when I was seven months pregnant and will try to pass this year but when things calm down abit. Will they or will it just get worse when Georgie can start to crawl etc. My first experience on the bus with George on my own, I was expecting to be anxious but in fact the journey to town wasn’t too bad, he was asleep. I held onto the pram although the brake was on, it still swung all over. Maybe due to the bus drivers crazy driving, on getting off the bus well that’s different every time, sometimes the driver’s lower the bus so you don’t have to push your baby to nose dive onto the pavement. As there is no seatbelt in a pram, the times when this has happened, Georgie slides all the way to the top of the pram, he never cries probably thinks its a rollercoaster ride.

There have been the odd occasions though when someone on the bus has helped me with the pram on and off the bus, but this is rare. I don’t understand why this is RARE?

The first cry George did on the journey home was for 20 minutes, I was sitting opposite the rest of the bus and it was in rush hour. Not my finest hour, it was painful, this is when you have to learn distraction techniques for your baby and your sanity. The other annoying thing is when an old lady tells you ” I think your baby is hungry”. As a mother, you soon learn what each cry and whimper mean and even if they are hungry, I can not breastfeed on a bus. God knows where George will end up if I take him out of the pram.



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